Shampoo Market Research Essay

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Marketing research is important to gain valuable information relating to the needs and wants of customers. Effective research helps businesses to enhance performance by attracting potential customers in the global and domestic markets (Akaka, Vargo and Lusch, 2013).

These two terms are often used interchangeably, they have some distinctive qualities. The main difference between Market Research and Marketing Research is the scope of the concept.

Market Research is a narrower concept because it is research centered on a particular market. Marketing Research, however, operates on a much broader level.
It comprises areas such as:
• Research into new products
• distribution Channels/networks
• Product development
It includes promotion
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Shampoo concept was introduced in Britain from colonial India. It is derived from Hindi champi which is used in Anglo-Indian in 1762. Champi was used in India with some form of oils (Ambos and Håkanson, 2014). Shampoo is a term which was developed by an entrepreneur of Bengal in 1814 .The method of oiling hair is called as champi (shampooing). In 1900s, its meaning was changed to mean massage by applying soap to the hairs. During the early stages of shampoo, it used to give hair shine and fragrance. Modern shampoo was introduced in 1930. First hair care was established as a synthetic shampoo. India is the only country where traditional hair, massage is still used in context of including neem, buttermilk, aloe Vera, sandalwood and heena, …show more content…
An organisation can conduct market research to gather information to learn many things. Thus, they will be able to identify where they lag and need improvements. It is important for the manager of SLG to get the correct product at the exact geographical area with the right price for the appropriate customers. Furthermore, they are also required to give optimum satisfaction to the customers so that they can become loyal customers to the brand and the organisation. Marketing research is helpful in marketing management; without marketing research management cannot work effectively and successfully. It provides expansion of business, dealing with different situations, achieving goals and customer 's satisfaction, etc. (Batra, Ramaswamy and Ramachander, 2014). Below is the importance of marketing research for promoting shampoo in another market:-
• Identifying problem and opportunities in the market: Marketing research assists in identifying new opportunities in which the business can expand their business. This provides information related to shampoo 's market, competition, customer satisfaction level and sales performance, etc. (Cavusgil and Knight, 2015). Thus, it helps to solve SLG problems and

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