The Film Shame

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Shame is a very interesting film that came out in 2011 that was directed by Steve McQueen. Shame, is a British film that takes place in New York, a city known for the “fast life”. Shame is centered on Brandon, who was played by Michael Fassbender, who had a huge sex addiction. When his sister, Sissy, unsurprisingly pops up at his home, his whole life is turned around. Brandon’s role in Shame is very vital, cinematography establishes Brandon as a sex addict, Brandon’s relationship with his sister, and how Brandon reacts with his addiction after his sister arrives.
Cinematography establishes Brandon’s sex addiction shortly after the film starts. In the first couple of minutes of the film, there is a close-up on Brandon’s face as he looks over
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His relationship with her in the past is very unclear, but we can notice that they never really had a very well relationship with each other. Sissy has a very low self-esteem, she’s suicidal, and all she really wants is to be loved. When Brandon comes into his apartment, not knowing that Sissy is there, a song with the lyrics “I want your love, I want your love, I Want your love”, establishing her passion to find love. As Sissy sings her song at the restaurant, there is an extreme close-up on her face, as she sings about the city that her brother has been living in for some time now, she begins to get emotional. Also, there is a close-up on Brandon’s face, as she sings the song, a tear begins to fall down his cheek. Brandon must have felt guilty when she begins to sing the song, but it is unclear why. After Brandon was caught masturbating by Sissy, there is a medium long shot, which shows how Brandon attacks Sissy with only his towel on, he clearly doesn’t care about his sister seeing him naked. It is possible that Brandon and Sissy used to have sex with each other in their childhood. Brandon and Sissy are comfortable with seeing each other naked. During a two shot Sissy is seen coming into Brandon’s bed attempting to cuddle with him, until he yells “Get the fuck out! Get out”. Although Brandon can’t stand Sissy, he loves …show more content…
While David and Sissy are having sex, there is a long shot of Brandon, angrily running his hands through his hair and takes his clothes off. After Sissy moved into his home, he no longer brought women to home to have sex with them, he went to other places. His addiction to sex was something that he wanted to keep hidden. So after Sissy moved in with him, his sexual desires would be fulfilled elsewhere other than his home. Brandon is seen throwing away a humungous amount of his Adult magazines and other items, there is an overhead shot of these items has he consistently throws them in a garbage bag. This is another way for Brandon to hide his shameful addiction. Towards the end of the film, Brandon is so eager to have some type of sexual activity, that he goes to a gay club. In the last two sex scenes, there are extreme close-ups on Brandon’s face, and it looks as if he is releasing some of his frustration that he as with his sister out as he partakes in these sexual activities. Cinematography is valued and appreciated in every film. Cinematography is important in films so that viewers can be entertained by the film and understand why certain things go on. Cinematography does a great job establishing character. In Shame, we can see how cinematography establishes Brandon as a character, with his sex addiction, his relationship with his sister, and how

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