Celtic Shamanism: The Story Of King Cormac

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Very little has been written about the more private and personal mystical practices of the Celts. However, there are enough descriptions of what certain people did, how they acted. It was a branch of European shamanism.
(Įsigalėjus katalikybei imta drausti šamanistinė veikla, todėl išliko tik netiksli informacija.) The only remaining descriptions of Celtic shamanism are clothed in myths and legends.
The light of Celtic shamanism, once available to all sincere seekers, was lost when Christinaty gained control. People failed to continue its use.
It seems that at some time the Celts did record some of their beliefs and history in writing. We are extremely fortunate that some of these manuscripts survived the burning purges of the Christians.
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One early morning a grey haired warrior, dressed in purple and gold was coming towards the king while he was alone. The old man had a silver branch with three golden apples in his hand. Whenever he would shake the branch, it`s music would cause a deep sleep and relief from all the pain. When the grey haired man told the king about his land where exists only truth, no age, sorrow, or strife, Cormac made a friendship pact with the man. After a short period of time, the stranger took away king`s family though left him the silver branch. However, King Cormaic chose not to use the branch and alleviate his pain from the less, but he decided to fight for his family. In order to do that, the kind had to go to the Otherworld, which is decribed with all the most common symbols found in the shamanic stories. So there was a fountain with five clear streams, the nine sacred hazel trees with purple nuts, and the five salmon in the fountain. The fountain represents a healing source, nuts are seeds of wisdom, and the so common salmon is the Otherworld`s animal of knowledge. Number five shows the number of human beings who are seeking the spiritual life. When Cormac arrived, he was greeted with a huge feast, however, it is said, that if you eat food in the Otherworld, you will not be able to return to the normal world. Therefore, the king refused to eat anything and met with a god Manannan mac Lir who was appearantly the same old man, that gave Cormac the silver branch. …show more content…
It is a black man with one foot and one eye. The color black shows connection with the Underworld and Earth; one foot and one eye represents a master shaman and also the god Cernunnos, who was considered Lord of Animals. In that Otherworld`s realm Vynon went directly towards a tall bare tree, which is a symbol of the World Tree. In the tree he found a silver cauldron of inspiration and knowledge. Such activity of climbing in to the World Tree for a cauldron is a shamanic initiation part. Suddenly brightly colored birds surrounded the tree. They are a sign of inspiration for true seekers and they guide them into the Otherworlds. Furthermore, birds in general are spiritual messengers, often sent from deities to humans. Moreover, the beginning of Cynon`s journey through the forest following a certain path is similar to the shamanic journey into the center where all worlds

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