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Psychoanalysis is a method of modern psychotherapy that can be very useful for people who are struggling with longstanding difficulties in the ways that they think and feel about themselves, the world, and their relationships with others(1). For centuries great minds such as, Sigmund Freud, Erick Erickson, Carl Jung, and Alfred Alder have explored and experimented their theory’s against human behavior. In this paper we will discuss the influences of frueds work and how his prodecssor viewpoints expanded his thougts into the present view point of todays culture.
Dr. Sigmund Freud
“Sigmund Freud was one of the trailblazers of modern-day psychology. As the originator of Psychoanalysis, Freud distinguished himself as an
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This happens through the process of repression”(2).

“Another major aspect of psychoanalysis is the development of defense mechanisms. According to the theory defense mechanisms are used by the ego to protect the person from anxiety. Repression is when information is pushed down into the unconscious. This information is either unpleasant or undesirable and may cause anxiety. Very often this information is pushed so deep down into the unconscious that is hard to retrieve. Reaction formation is when due to anxiety feelings are replaced by the extreme opposite. For instance a person feeling hate will be replaced by love. Undoing is when the ego completely changes actions which lead to feelings of anxiety. In this mechanism the truth may be drastically distorted. Projection is when an individual tends to assign one's own shortcomings on to someone else. Rationalization is when an irrational act is made to appear rational. Denial occurs in cases where the ego is threatened and a person refuses to acknowledge the reality or seriousness of the situation. Identification involves empathizing with the qualities or characteristics of another favorable person. Fixation and Regression are related mechanisms which occur during psychosexual development”(3). The most fascinating part of Frueds’s study are how they are still applicapbale to today views. His subject and theories are still a subject of high debate in worldwide studies. These theries

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