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The Future of Everything

Instructor: J. Brent Friesen
Office: 326 Parmer Hall Phone: (708) 524-6972
Email: Course Webpage on Canvas

Summer Session II: June 30 to August 8

Class Format:

The course is offered online through the Canvas LAS340 course
Each week of the 6 week course will have a similar format:
(Day 1 = Tuesday)
Days 1, 2, & 3: Reading, media, and research assignments are posted.
Day 3: completetion of online opinion poll
Days 4 & 5: First round of discussion
Days 6 & 7: Second round of discussion
Day 7: Answers to comprehension questions due
Day 7: Answers to research questions due

Required Materials:

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The instructor will send a copy of this letter to the Dean of the Rosary College of Arts and Sciences. The Dean will note whether a student has committed multiple violations of the academic integrity policy over time, and in such cases the Dean may institute a process leading to possible further sanctions, including suspension or expulsion from the university…

Mutual Respect in the Discussion Forums

An atmosphere of mutual respect and courtesy will be maintained in the discussion forums. The teacher and students will respond politely and civilly to any opinions expresses by any member of the class. Disruptive and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. A warning for disruptive behavior will be given. After three warnings a student will be asked to withdraw from the course.

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.
Erich Fromm

LAS340 Tentative Course Calendar:

Reading Assignments
The Shallows

Rainbows End------------
1. Hal and Med
2. The Vital Paths
3. Tools of the Mind
4. The Deepening Page
5. A Medium of the Most
My role as a technology consumer.

The Shallows

Smarter Than You Think

Rainbows End------------
7. The Juggler’s Brain
9. Search, Memory
1. The Rise of the Centaurs
2. We, the Memorious
3. Public Thinking
Smarter Than You Think


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