Essay on Shall We Go Back For Our Guests?

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"shall we go back to our guests?" "yeah... oh I almost forgot were are you guys staying" "we are staying at the garden inn" "that 's a nice hotel but its still a good three weeks till the wedding" "mom and dad you can stay at my place" " okay we can do that" my parents smiled at Chris and I "I 'm so glad you found somebody that makes you happy and makes you smile" I gave my mother a hug and started tearing up "I love you guys so much" I wiped the tears form my face and Chris wrapped his arms around me "she is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I 'm very glad that I got to meet you" we all headed back to the party and had our lunch... while we were all eating Chris stood up and had a champagne glass in his hands and he said something I would never forget "ladies and gentlemen I would like to thank you all for coming out today to honor me asking that one question that changed my life for what I hoped will be forever" I looked up at Chris and he looked back at me "so in three weeks time I will take my vows and marry this beautiful, smart, gorgeous women right next to me the same women that has made me the luckiest man in the world and the day I asked her to marry me and when she said yes, I swear the way I loved her that day is the same way I love her today and I hope that will never change, so I toast to my future bride and to our future to Ariel" and everyone in the room at the same time "to Ariel" Chris sat down and I got…

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