Why Do People Like Shakespeare

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“Life ... is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.” Quoted by William Shakespeare. Why did people like Shakespeare? Who is he? William Shakespeare didn't have a lot of records on him when he was a child, so he is considered a very mysterious man. He is known as a playwright and has written a lot of different spectacular pieces. If William Shakespeare was not famous or well known, life would be very different than it is now. William Shakespeare was born on April 23, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, United Kingdom or at least this is the day scholars believed was his birthday. He was not born into a wealthy family, so that caused struggles throughout his childhood. A couple days after Shakespeare was born, he got …show more content…
Shakespeare’s influence during the Renaissance helped influence some artists and writers to do what they loved. For example, John Keats was a romantic poet who was influenced by Shakespeare and if Shakespeare never existed Keats might have never started writing and could have not been important to the Renaissance. Another example is people weren't just inspired and influenced by him but they used some of his sayings and phrases from his works in their own. If he wasn't here those people may of stopped writing because they didn't know the right words to say and that might have discouraged them. Shakespeare also helped influence the world world we live in today. If he was not alive our world would be different than it is. For example, in his writings he made up a lot of different words that we use in the modern world like amazement, elbow, downstairs, gloomy, gossip, eyeball, hint, worthless, and skim milk. We might be speaking differently and saying different words because some of the words we use in our everyday language might not exist. Another example is Shakespeare still helps influence people today. Jane Smiley was influenced by one of Shakespeare piece’s, “King Lear” to write a book of her own called, “ A Thousand Acres.” She is a writer who might not have been famous for her writing if Shakespeare hadn't

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