What Are Shakespeare's Accomplishments

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William Shakespeare had a lot of success in his life and accomplishments. He became a shareholder in the Lord Chamberlain’s Men for the rest of his career in 1594, was given a royal license from King James and so did his fellow players. Wrote his most accomplished plays about courtly power during King James’s reign. Shakespeare was able to change peoples lives with his plays while he was dead. The plays sort of help make and shape this continent, he was able to make theater, literature, and philosophy more popular then they were. The way his plays are written is they could speak to people better and made to talk to any one, no matter who you were, race, religion, or culture. The way Shakespeare wrote his plays were unique, when he went back …show more content…
He has been writing plays and sonnets for four centuries. Ben Jonson said this about Shakespeare “He was not of an age, but for all time”. While he was part of the most popular acting companies in London, he often played before the court and Queen Elizabeth I. While king James was in throne in 1603 Shakespeare was given a royal license and so did his fellow players. Shakespeare’s work has encourage the United Staes to be a democracy nation and doing so they have developed its own unique directions. His plays made a lot of people happy and save people. Shakespeare was a man of many plays, and was known as the greatest playwright of his era. He got the second largest house in Stratford in 1597. He has done so well in the four centuries he was alive, that people said great things about him and his plays. Plus some of our founding fathers owned some of his sonnets and George Washington would see as many plays as he could, when he could. It amazing that his plays are still acted till this day, and what his plays did for this nation and world. If it wasn 't for William Shakespeare then we would probably be in a different environment and act …show more content…
The way he wrote his plays, sonnets, and poems, was to connect with the reader. While he was becoming big as a playwright, he made theater and literature more popular. While he was a playwright he also had a family, his son Hamnet, his two daughters, and his wife Anne. While his health was declining he revised his will. He left his two daughters with the bulk of estate, his wife Anne was left with the “second best bed”, and his sister, theater partner, friends, and the poor of Stratford were left with monetary gifts. HIs son Hamnet died in 1596, so he wasn 't left with anything from his will. Usually the son would get his fathers sword, but since Hamnet was deceased, he gave it to his nephew. HIs parents were John Shakespeare and Mary Arden, John was a glove maker and tradesmen, Mary was the daughter of an affluent farmer. John Shakespeare struggled with financial debt, unlike his fellow playwright Christopher Marlowe, john didn’t attend university. In 1582, when he was 18, he married a women called Anne Hathaway who was three months pregnant. There first daughter was Susanna born 1583, twins Hamnet and Judith. Shakespeare’s “lost Year”, what scholars refer to it as, happened seven years later after the twins birth. It was a historical record

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