Shakespeare's Dilemma Of Love In Romeo And Juliet

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Mercutio was slightly mentioned in the Brooke’s poem, while Shakespeare developed his character by involving him in two duels with Tybalt. This change enhanced "Romeo’s dilemma of love against honor" (Hankins 17). Though he used most of the incidents involving the nurse, Shakespeare gave her an original personality by showing her as an affectionate, easy-going (except around Mercutio) individual. His portrayal of the Capulet family is described as "a remarkable study in family psychology." (18). Families today are still being advised that being critical of your child’s choice of a partner will most likely cause them to rebel and become more attracted. Instead parents should remain silent and let the relationship run its course.

Readers seem to look favorably on Romeo and Juliet. They want to identify them as young victims in love rather than rebellions adolescents. This leads me to believe that Brooke’s description of the couple
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His play has given Verona the most beautiful love story of all time. By embracing this gift, Verona has kept the two lovers alive in their town through the aid of art, music, theater, and architecture.


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