King Lear Research Paper

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Equally enjoyable to watch, tragedy and comedies are polar opposites on stage. Tragedies are consumed by suffering, and death, while comedies include excitement and joyful scenes. Brutal scenes of violent combat, as well as internal combat, compete against the scenes of singing and dancing in a comedy. A tragedy focuses on the main character and their despair/pain, while a comedy is created the story of two lovers. By comparing Shakespeare’s plays, King Lear and Much Ado, the structural differences between comedies and tragedies are as different as night and day. The most obvious difference separating a Shakespearean comedy and tragedy is the fact of suffering characters within a tragedy. King Lear written by Shakespeare qualifies as a tragedy …show more content…
In the play King Lear there are several scenes of violence, such as sword fights between the brothers Edgar and Edmund. Certified educators say that, “the physical struggle within the play sets it apart from Shakespearean comedies,” (Delaney). The battle between the brothers marks the play as a tragedy form the moment Edgar tells his brother, “I’m ready to use this sword and my courage to prove that you’re a liar,” (5.3.144). Other than the physical fighting in the play, there are mental battles that take place as well. King Lear is slowing losing his mind throughout the story which takes its toll on him. The King shows onlookers the internal struggle he faces. Critics even say that, “Lear dies because he is worn out by the exhaustion of life,” (Nighan). Now, a comedy contains a different kind of action. This action normally falls under the description of singing and dancing. As play director Sally Boyett describes the sight, “ a visual and musical treat, with talented acting, singing, dancing, and a colorful set,” (Green). Of course that puts the play Much Ado on the opposing side of a tragedy. Such a cheery set can not possibly end with the death of all, or most of, the characters. The type of action within a play can be used to determine the nature of

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