Shakespeare 's Writing Style Is Not Overbearing Essay

1008 Words Dec 6th, 2015 null Page
Unlike Milton, Shakespeare’s writing style is not overbearing – he rarely includes any of his own opinions. For this reason, many aspects of Shakespeare’s personal life, such as his religion and sexual orientation are still unknown to this day. Though Shakespeare does not convey his personal beliefs to others, his works still go into great detail regarding topics such as religion. This is a sharp distinction from Milton’s works, where he constantly refers to Christianity as the only way to live life. Milton comes off as preaching his personal beliefs, while Shakespeare’s personal beliefs remain unknown, preserving his neutrality. As professor Edmundson stated, “Shakespeare, poetic genius that he is, actually holds no perceptible views… you still will never know what he thinks about any consequential object: about religion, monarchy, marriage, love, honor, what have you” (138-139). In my opinion, it is more valuable for an author to allow the reader to formulate his or her own judgments towards topics as serious as religion, instead of having the author’s beliefs constantly preached to them. Therefore, I am a major proponent of Shakespeare in the sense that he manages to discuss thoughtful subjects without an overbearing sense of his own opinion resonating in the background. Unlike many of his peers, Shakespeare’s plays deal with conflicts and issues that are relatable to the modern day, though portrayed through different scenarios. Inevitably, the specific settings of the…

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