Shakespeare 's Othello - Role Of The Tragic Handkerchief Essay

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Role of the Tragic Handkerchief
In the book Othello by William Shakespeare, the story revolves around marriage and as a sign of loyalty and faithfulness a handkerchief was passed down throughout the family. The play starts of in Venice, and then takes place in Cyprus. Othello’s love for Desdemona manifested after giving her the handkerchief as a indication of his love. Although the handkerchief symbolizes love, loyalty and faithfulness, Othello believes that the handkerchief holds supernatural powers that brings both negative and positive powers depending on who holds it and what its used for. Throughout the book the handkerchief portrays different roles in every character’s life. It shows how much a single event can lead to a massive tragedy. Such as how Desdemona lost the handkerchief and it was used by Iago to manipulate Othello.
Originally in the play, the handkerchief is Othello’s gift to Desdemona as a token of his love. The handkerchief is a symbolization towards a ring like figure. The handkerchief was very valuable to him because if Desdemona were to keep it at all times it would have meant that she was very chaste. But if she were to lose it then she would lose her chastity. He had told her that the strawberries were hand stitched with thread that has been dyed with blood by virgin blood. Although there is really nothing about the handkerchief that made it so special to us, unlike a wedding ring, it is very special to them. In this play, the handkerchief…

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