Shakespeare 's Macbeth, By William Shakespeare Essay

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Shakespeare uses contrasting imagery and antithesis within his plays to develop his characters, establish atmosphere, and to make a point. Shakespeare uses natural versus supernatural imagery in the play Macbeth. The witches represent the power of the supernatural, and they work as symbols of evil dominating the play through seduction and cheating. The start of the play has three witches, who are symbols of supernatural powers. The witches are portrayed as makers of trouble and chaos that result from their secret actions. Throughout the play, the witches meet in the night which emphasizes their supernatural nature, and this influences the reader’s understanding of Macbeth in many different ways. The difference between the natural and the supernatural acts as one of the clear instances of imagery that Shakespeare uses as a measure of the key theme in the work of Macbeth as well as working to set the atmosphere of the play, and the mood.

Throughout the play, the supernatural-natural polarity builds the tragic destiny of the different protagonists such as Macbeth, making the functions of a tragedy prominent. Further analysis of the novel reveals the contrast between the natural and the supernatural is an important part of the development of the plot in Macbeth and the presence of darkness adds to the element of suspense. The atmosphere created by the two opposing forces of nature is important in bringing about revelations in the protagonist 's character, and the resentment…

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