Essay on Shakespeare And Browning Beg The Question

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Shakespeare and Browning Beg The Question In Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnet 43 and William Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18, both authors describe the immense love they have for another person. Elizabeth Barrett Browning was one of her most popular authors during the Victorian Era of English literature. William Shakespeare was the most popular author during the Elizabethan Era. The first line of the Elizabeth’s poem asks the question, “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!” (595). After that question is established, the author goes on to compare her love to various religious ideas. William Shakespeare also starts his poem with a question by saying, “Shall I compare thee, to a summer’s day?” (466). Shakespeare then goes onto say how he has captured the beauty of a woman in his poem. Shakespeare and Browning illustrate what love is through the use of rhyme scheme, symbolism, and theme. By the end of both poems, readers can actually feel the deep love that Browning and Shakespeare describe. The rhyme scheme of any Sonnet should follow the Petrarchan form of ABBA for the first 8 lines of the poem. The remaining lines of the poem can be arranged in various ways, but usually follow the rhyme scheme of CDCDCD or CDECDE. Many times “themes of poems can be discovered within the first 8 lines of the poem” which is called the octave (Cummings). After the octave, the sestet can be described as the remaining lines in the sonnet. “The sestet usually provides a solution the answer to a…

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