Shaker Culture Book Report

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We see an early example shaker culture when Mr. Tanner gives young Robert the pig for help and apron with the calving. Mr. Haven and Robert are fixing the fence when Mr. Tanner brings the pig Roberts father states about accepting the pig “we thank you brother Tanner but it’s not the shaker way to take frills for being neighborly” (P 21). I think this shows that in the shaker culture they feel that is not right to accept a gift or payment for doing the right thing in any given situation are helping out your fellow man.

We see another bit of shaker culture when Robert speaking to his father when they’re moving the the grain crib, when Robert asked his father if he is heartsick because he can’t vote, and his father answers him “no I take what I am we are plane people, your mother and aunt, and your sisters, you and me. We live the book of shaker.” (37) I think what Roberts fathers trying to explain to them here
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I think Robert Peck social economical point in the book, when the character Robert is complaining how the kids at school make fun of him for his close because there homespun and not store-bought, thus showing us that Robert is on a lower economical level than those of his peers. As far as a cultural point goes I think Roberts father makes a great point many tells him that were shaker son that their rich in spirit rather than material wealth, which I guess this point can be taken two different ways this could be Roberts father trying to console his son to the fact that their poor and they can afford to buy him store-bought close as well as alluding to the point that their religion believes that a simple life unburdened by material wealth or goods is the most direct path to happiness and therefore eternal

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