Shahram Khosravi 's Illegal Traveller Essay

1438 Words Oct 18th, 2016 6 Pages
Shahram Khosravi’s Illegal Traveller is an auto-ethnography focusing on the functions of borders, and people who overstep or violate the rules of border crossing. Khosravi enters into the culture of migration when he decides to leave Iran due to his unwillingness to participate in the Islamic war, although it is required of him as a citizen. When he decides to leave the country, his journey as an illegal immigrant begins. This decision is one that changes not only his life, but also that of his family. Khosravi argues that his choice to leave Iran designates him as an illegal immigrant, marking him as a border. In his ethnography, Khosravi argues that borders are constructed by nation states as a system to protect the purity of society, which strips human rights away from individuals who are fleeing their country. He discusses how identities are determined by the process of criminalization of illegal border crossings, and that these people are violated, vulnerable, and manipulated both by citizens and the state. Also, Khosravi discusses how illegal immigrants, refugees, and non-citizens become borders themselves as they are racially profiled. Finally, Khosravi offers suggestions to change the perpetual cycle of “othering” from an anthropological perspective. Before one might understand exactly how Khosravi believes that he, among other illegal immigrants, have become borders, one must first understand what a border actually is. Khosravi argues that borders determine what…

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