Shaheen Airlines Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… After the re-launch, Shaheen Air has acquired a modern fleet of aircraft including Boeing 737s and Airbus A-320. To facilitate the air travel at a reasonable price, Shaheen Air is increasing its domestic and international flight presence. Plans are afoot to introduce, very soon, more domestic flights linking smaller cities with major cities across Pakistan.


"Pakistan's most favorite airline, aiming to provide superior service and good value for money to our valued customers, responding to their needs with highest standards to safety & comfort"
To increase out momentum & capture the benefits in such a demanding but fertile environment, we will continue to change & evolve through constant review & effective deployment of resources.
October 2001


Shaheen Air reaches the end consumers through Agents and E-commerce.
The types of agents involved are as
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Impact – By targeting the in-demand sectors with high passenger traffic which will increase its geographic presence of SAI worldwide and generate revenues from the long-haul flights which allows the company to cover the operating costs on a bigger scale.
How – Have a flight route of Karachi – Lahore – Gatwick. It is seen from the past trends that people from the Punjab province travel to UK then from any other province of Pakistan since UK has a high density of Pakistani Punjabi's situated there. Gatwick airport is 24 miles south of London, hence very feasible to have SAI flights land on this airport. Assumption that a landing slot is available at Gatwick at a suitable time for SAI's flight because Heathrow airport has no empty slot and Manchester is quite far away from London. For this Shaheen Air International will deploy for an A310-300 (fuel efficient) with the capacity of 280 seats. This plane has a reasonable capacity for cargo which can be shipped directly too. Shaheen must further appoint a GSA in London and make a website operational for UK region, a handling agency will need to be appointed to take care of the ground activities. Besides this the company will send trained staff to Gatwick and should sign an oil hedging contract with Shell, as until now since SAI has been operating on a small scale with smaller aircraft oil hedging was not feasible for them. Marketing would purely be done through publicity as the launch will be covered through News Channels and News Papers, this would lead to word of mouth marketing later

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