`` Shadowy Lines That Still Divide `` By Janny Scott And David Leonhardt

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Whether we were born poor determine we are poor, born rich determine we are rich or not? We all say different backgrounds create different lives. Social class obstructs a person’s steps to success and limit his/her development. However, Janny Scott and David Leonhardt’s article “Shadowy Lines That Still Divide” tells us society has changed a lot from decade ago and class differences are getting blurry rapidly. It is possible and creditable to change your position and future regardless you are lower, middle, or upper class. Class difference is exiting, but it is not significant and necessary for your success. Your future is determined by yourselves. There are three reasons why we can get rid of poverty and pursue what we want. Education is what we must keep in mind and it is consider as an influential key to get success. We can have no money and no power in the beginning, but we cannot have no knowledge in our entire lives. As we know, higher education we receive, more money we earn. “Skills and education have become more essential than ever” (Scott and Leonhardt 9). Class differences may not be disappeared, but more and more people start to change their mind, which is education plays a pivotal role for rising level in today’s society. In the graph “What It Takes to Get Ahead,” it takes a really high percent among different classes to believe a good education can help them to achieve dreams and the majority of people want to receive college degree for their lives (Scott and…

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