Sexually Active Teens

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Attack of The Sexually Active Teens: What causes it?
Sex is something that should be conserved till marriage. Teens nowadays do not wait till marriage to have sex. Pregnancy, STD’s, and abuse are all effects of teens having sex, but what causes teens to be more sexually active today? Peer pressure, drugs, social media you name it, all of these cause teens to be more sexually active. Do you know how though? If not read these following paragraphs, because you do not want to miss what causes sexual activity in teens to increase.
Peer pressure is one of the biggest factors of teens being sexually active. With everyone trying to fit in at school, teens will do anything to fit in or be considered popular. Even if that means doing something that could
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During health class the biggest unit a freshman will learn about is the sex lesson. Even though the teacher might tell the students the risks, usually the teacher talks about prevention. Contraception is what 's usually talked about in Sex-Ed. If you 're gonna have sex, make sure you wear a condom or on birth control. Since both can protect against STDs and pregnancy only 99 percent of the time; but what can protect against both 100 percent of the time, abstinence, which is not stressed enough in schools. When someone gives the wrong type a vibe over a subject, you never know what might happen. Especially with this type of topic it is important to get the right message to …show more content…
Your voice, height, and hormones change rapidly. When a teens hormones change, it can make sex a much bigger deal. These hormones are released through your emotions, impulses, and moods can be affected. With these things being affected, it can make a teen think completely different about another. Hormones make teens see even their peers in a more sexual light says Newport Academy website ("Teenage Hormones, Sexuality, and Mental Health.”). Since hormones effect your emotions, sex would be the worst thing to do as a teen. For sex you have to physically and most importantly emotionally stable to handle. As a teen your hormones fluctuate all the time. Making it harder to be emotionally stable as a

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