Sexuality, Power And Resistance Of The Workplace Essay

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Sexuality, Power and Resistance in the Workplace
This paper has demonstrated sexuality is a multileveled combination of both strictly resistance and control. In order to show the complex idea of sexuality in the contemporary organisations, the author has conducted an empirical study of a call centre, Sunray. Sunray has created the corporate culture of fun by providing non-work activities and freedoms of dressing. Also, managers of Sunray acknowledge individual expression of sexuality as a positive vibe and highly encourage their employees to “be yourself”. Especially, gay employees are highly focused. The study explores ideas about how homosexuals act are treated in the workplace and whether employees act are too anti-homophobic that it gives gay men too much power and even promotions. It presented us a mixture of sexuality: “an aspect of managerial control”, “a site of empowerment” and “an object of resistance”. In the end, based on the study, the author has pointed out the difficulties to critical researchers, like himself, in terms of complex politics in the contemporary organizations.

Being homosexual is accepted and almost celebrated in Sunray. It can be argued that in the workplace sexuality should be suppressed so that it doesn 't intervene with the work needing to be done. However, even if a workplace tries to suppress it, it will always be present. However, Sunray portrayed that it was mainly based around a masculine hierarchy without mentioning any lesbians. This…

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