Sexuality In Workplace

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Sexuality, Power and Resistance in the Workplace
This paper has demonstrated sexuality is a multileveled combination of both strictly resistance and control. In order to show the complex idea of sexuality in the contemporary organisations, the author has conducted an empirical study of a call centre, Sunray. Sunray has created the corporate culture of fun by providing non-work activities and freedoms of dressing. Also, managers of Sunray acknowledge individual expression of sexuality as a positive vibe and highly encourage their employees to “be yourself”. Especially, gay employees are highly focused. The study explores ideas about how homosexuals act are treated in the workplace and whether employees act are too anti-homophobic that it gives
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These sections are composed by the introduction, which is too long and tedious as Fleming uses complex language. Then, some research concerns sexuality as control and resistance in literature. Following this an empirical study is introduced, and although properly conducted, as it illustrates a balanced view which includes both sides of Fleming 's argument. It also contains too much dialogue and the language can be categorized as offensive, ergo, disrupting the flow of the text. Moreover, as Fleming himself says the study was not designed to investigate sexuality but organizational culture and, therefore, does not contain an actual insight to his argument. The paper finalizes with a small conclusion that lacks an actual content or relevance to Fleming 's arguments. Overall, the layout of the paper was vexing and ineffective in reaching evidence for Fleming 's arguments, as we believe he needed more examples to support his …show more content…
The author has included the interviewees’ attitudes such as "laugh uncontrollably" which isn’t necessary and should not be included in the formal writing paper. Also, there are a couple of paragraphs containing inappropriate words; such as "thank fucking God" "fuckwits, faggots and freaks" which should be strictly prohibited. In the research, there are no actual figures provided about how much percentage of employees are happy or unhappy about the sexuality in the company. Also, the interviews were only done on a small number of people in the company- thirty-three out of the one thousand total employees. In that number of interviewees, the number of females and males are not equal with eighteen females and fifteen males, which could impact the reliability of the research. Also, we think there was too much explanation of background preparation of the research than what the actual resulted proved. The Abstract paper included most of the author 's views and not of the employees and we felt the conclusion was too short and wasn’t as focused as it could have been.
What are the implications for management practice and / or management theory?
From the sunray case study, we know that to achieve the balance of sexuality and desexualise is important. If the company emphasized on homosexual people, the other employees

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