Sexuality Is Diverse And Personal, And The Paradox Of Sexual Freedom

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Sexuality Changes in Society
The complication of human relationship is a prevalent discussion topic. Sexuality is diverse and personal, which leads to diversity in opinion. In the essay “Selections from Hard to Get: Twenty-Something Women and the Paradox of Sexual Freedom” Leslie bell contemplates about people’s cognitively conceives sexuality under the influence of sexual freedom. Leslie discusses different girls’ different opinion upon sexuality. Malcolm Gladwell, the author of “The Power of Context” states that people’s behavior and characters may change due to different situations and environments. Both two authors believe that thinking changes with what happen to that person and the choice they are making. Although people have their own opinion and insights about sexuality, the ideas about sexuality the society has are influenced by societal environment tremendously that sexual freedom is not a taboo. Social media and technology, tendency of conformity and human identities are three elements that change the society conception of sexuality.
Social media and today’s advanced technology influence people’s thought on sexuality. “Their peers, television shows such as Sex and the City, and movies seem to encourage sexual experimentation. And they may find advice about sexual positions to try in Glamour of Cosmopolitan magazines. But as the same time, books, such as Unhooked and A Return to Modesty, advise them to return to courtship practices from the early 1900s. And real…

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