Sexuality And Its Impact On Sexuality Essay

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What we understand to be true about sexuality begins to ingrain itself in our person since the time we are born. At a young age, our parents influence our beliefs on sexuality by teaching us what is right or wrong for our gender. Over time, our peers and the media contribute to our understanding of our own sexuality as well as others’ sexuality. We are taught and socialized to follow societal norms or otherwise be faced with the possibility of being viewed negatively by others. Impositions by one 's society and culture aid in determining our attitudes towards sex and the perceived role of sexual activity in individuals. The development of sexuality is attributed to many causes and will be thusly discussed in this paper.
Sociocultural Expectations
Sexual Behavior
Socialization about sexual behavior is developed from religion, a person’s peers and family, as well as contributions made by the media. Different religions within different societies have created moral codes independent of other religions that are created to guide a person’s sexual activities and practices. The belief that sex is a sacred act and should only be performed between a man and a woman after marriage has been a very strong moral code imposed by religion in the United States. This has contributed to the negative views towards homosexual individuals, as sex would not be between a man and a woman. Other cultures and religions emphasize that sexual behaviors should only be for procreation purposes only,…

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