Sexual Violence Is A Very Real And Serious Issue Between Men And Women Face

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Long Essay 2 MAYHALL Bonita Sexual violence is a very real and serious issue that both men and women face in todays society. There are many different types of sexual violence, one being sexual terrorism. The definition of sexual terrorism in the book is, “the threat of rape and sexual assault that controls a woman’s life whether or not she is actually physically or sexually assaulted,” (Shaw 69). Sexual terrorism is just one of the many forms of sexual violence discussed in the textbook. In chapters six and 10, the textbook discusses issues of sex, power, and violence. These chapters explain why violence is used as a way to gain control of another person. These chapters explain issues such as misogyny and intimate partner violence. Intimate partner violence is a threat that most women face while being in a relationship. These topics were also discussed in class. Along with intimate partner violence comes sexual violence. Sexual violence is any unwanted sexual advances or vulgar comments towards another person. The threat of sexual violence is used as control against women because it ‘teaches’ the women to behave or not to do something that will anger the woman’s partner or else the woman will receive a punishment, usually in the form of a violent act such as: hitting, belittlement, or another form of beating. Women who are in fear of their significant other committing violent acts towards them for something they did, are going to be so filled with fear from that…

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