Sexual Violence At Carnegie Mellon University Essay

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Sexual Violence at Carnegie Mellon University A common conflict occurring in schools is sexual violence. One of the colleges that sexual violence is affecting is Carnegie Mellon University. According to the Carnegie Mellon University crime statistics, about “4,274 women” have been attacked or sexually abused at Carnegie Mellon during 2008-2010 (Violent). In this university there have been multiple cases of sexual abuse and violence. A major account of sexual violence is the story of Gabrielle who was sexually attacked and raped by her ex-girlfriend. The main parties involved in the conflict are Gabrielle, Ex-girlfriend, and Carnegie Mellon University. The article, “My University Has Failed Me” by Erin Fuchs discusses Gabrielle’s story of her abuse. In order to understand conflict he parties, interests, aspirations must be analyzed first. After understanding the nature of the conflict the ABC model will be used to analyze the sources of conflict. First to understand conflict the parties, interests, aspirations must be examined first. The parties in this conflict are the ex-girlfriend, Gabrielle, and Carnegie Mellon University. According to Pruitt and Kim interests are stated as, “tangible or intangible”( Pruitt 16). In this case we have two conflicting interests. First is the interest of the ex-girlfriend who wants to physically and emotionally abuse Gabrielle. Gabrielle’s interest is for her ex-girlfriend to stop stalking her. After studying the interests of the…

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