Sexual Violation Of The Gods Essay

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There have been countless relationships throughout the mythological era. The question that comes to mind is that were these relationships, from the sexual part of it, consensual. When a god or goddess seduced a mortal, was the mortal a willing participant engaging in a love affair or was the experience a rape, or sexual violation of a weaker, or inferior person. “The sheer amount of rape in classical myth is staggering, and modern retellings tend to omit or romanticize it” (Morales 2007). In many of these relationships, one of the participants is married, thus committing adultery. The presence of marriage did not dissuade mortals and immortals from going after love interests, dating these love interests, and even committing rapes. It was believed to be an honor when a god was interested in romancing a father’s unmarried daughter. Offspring that were fathered by the gods were considered privileged and under the protection of the gods (Morales 2007). God’s were in the habit of going after women who they wanted to seduce. Even Zeus, King of all the Gods, had his love affairs. Some would say that some of these sexual encounters were rapes. When Zeus saw Callisto, a sea nymph, he fell in love with her. While she slept, he raped her and she became pregnant and eventually gave birth to Zeus’ son. Zeus’ wife took revenge on Callisto (Lee). Zeus had other sexual conquests besides Callisto. Zeus was also involved in the story of the rape of Persephone. Zeus decided to give…

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