Essay on Sexual Side Of The Human Body

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It does little to hide the perks of being an actively sexual being either, as we see multiple detailed shots of characters in the process of coitus. What this means to the way Americans bring up their children is a question of parental control and one open to debate. Whether the exposure of children of various ages to the sexual side of the human body is acceptable or not is a matter of perspective and one that cannot be explicitly carved out. Nonetheless, restraint is advised during the start of the show. A more common and perhaps funny side of sexuality is portrayed in minute 46 of the first episode. After Chapman walks out of Joe Caputo’s office, we see him put a container of what is presumably lotion or hand wash on the table. The camera focuses on a potted plant as the table shakes and a back and forth sound comes into the play. The insinuation is that Caputo masturbates to the idea of Chapman after she goes. In some circles, this is an uncomfortable topic. However, the American majority and more so the film industry generally looks onto masturbation as a common sexual habit.
The criminal justice system America’s criminal justice system is among the largest and probably the most funded in the world. According to the most recent figures from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, [there are] 2.2 million people behind bars in the United States (Blake, 2016). This represents a growing number of inmates and overpopulated prisons. However, the focus is on the administrative…

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