Essay on Sexual Relationships Is Not A New Phenomenon

1936 Words May 17th, 2016 8 Pages
Violence in intimate relationships is not a new phenomenon. For hundreds of years, domestic violence was considered an acceptable means of punishment. Husbands were allowed to punish their wives and children with violence and everyone just accepted it. In eighteenth century England, a man was allowed to hit his wife and children with anything as long as it was no wider than his thumb. Victims of this abuse had very little options. A husband’s wife and children were considered his property and he could do what he pleased with them. The courts did very little to punish men who beat their wives and children so the men had no reason to stop the abuse. In 1883, Maryland became the first state to make wife beating a crime. Over the last few centuries, a lot has been done to try and stop domestic abuse and intimate partner violence. The definition of intimate partner violence has expanded; abuse is not just a physical thing now. Abuse in relationships can be mental, emotional, sexual or physical. Intimate partner violence is any abusive or coercive behavior used to control and intimidate a partner. It was not until the 1970’s that this dark side of the family was really looked into. In 1985, intimate partner violence and domestic abuse were declared a “public health menace”. Since becoming a public health concern, intimate partner violence has been researched and debated among professionals. Why does intimate partner violence happen in the first place? What exactly stops the…

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