Sexual Relations Between Inmates And Guards Essay

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). Furthermore, sexual dysfunction is defined as the inability to fully enjoy sexual intercourse. Hence, this leads to the question of if almost eighty percent of the female population in correctional institutions suffer from sexual dysfunction, how can sexual relations between inmates and guards be consensual? The answer is that they can’t and that they are not. However, if women aren’t consenting to having sexual intercourse with CO’s why is sex between female prisoners and guards to prevalent? The above question leads to the last point which emphasizes the sexual relations between prisoners and CO’s can be nothing but quid pro quo sexual harassment because inmates fear of retaliation or repeat victimization if they resist sexual contact with officers. According to Talvi (2007), statistics show that in 2005, more than six thousand inmates filed reports of sexual violence by guards. However a lot of reports went unfiled due to intimidation by guards. To begin, according to Elizabeth Reid (2013), it is common practice for facilities to punish the victim when they report rape. She noted that it is customary for prisons to place inmates who complain of being raped into segregation. She reported that some women spend months in segregation without any further mention of the rape or any punishment of the rapist. Elizabeth explains that it is better to be quiet than to risk further humiliation and victimization once again at the hands of correctional officers (2013). With…

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