Essay Sexual Predaors

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RUNNING HEAD: Sexual Predators

Sexual Predators
Wm. Michael Barber
Criminal Law & Procedure
CRJ 306
Martin McAuliffe
February 18, 2013

Sexual Predators
The State of Pennsylvania like so many other states has passed laws the focus on the civil commitment of predators after their criminal commitment is finished. Our statute, like several other states, now calls for the involuntary civil commitment of sexual predators that have been determined to have a psychological or behavioral abnormality that makes these individuals engage or be predisposed to engage in some type of sexually deviant or predatory acts. This paper will focus on implementation and development of the Pennsylvania laws dealing with sexual predators and how
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He has also asked the state Congress to allocate $1.8 billion to fit sexual predators that have placed on parole with the electronic monitoring system that the state contracted with. The governor has made a pledge to work with the state Congress to pass legislation that will assist prosecuting attorneys to ask for life without the possibility of parole for those that are convicted as repeat offenders of aggravated sexual assault and basic sexual assault. This is already covering children under Jessica’s Law but the Governor is asking that this be extended to include adults who have been assaulted. He is also calling for laws that would require all sexual assault offenders to serve 100% of the time that the court has imposed and electronic monitoring for three years after their release. Governor Corbett is asking his counterparts in other states to have reciprocal laws that will prevent sexual offenders from moving from one state to another in order to not register as required by Megan’s Law and is hoping to shut down the loopholes as a result of out of state sexual offenders coming into Pennsylvania. Although the death penalty bill for repeat offender of sexual assault of a child has received preliminary approval of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives but it has stalled in the State Senate because it does not exempt from prosecution

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