Sexual Objectification Within The Media, Video Games And Advertisements

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For centuries females have been often viewed as objects rather than human beings.

Primarily, we see it in the media, video games and advertisements. “Sexual objectification occurs

when a woman’s body or body parts are singled out and separated from her as a person and she

is viewed primarily as a physical object of male sexual desire” (Barkley). Although some men

and women may view sexual objectification as disapproving, according to actress Cameron Diaz,

“Every woman wants to be objectified because they feel more attractive.” Exposure to

objectifying images can form an unrealistic standard in a woman’s head and can result in

feelings of body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction and low-self esteem.

“Overtime, too much exposure to objectifying images can conduct to self-objectification, which

involves taking an observer’s perspective on one’s own body and chronically monitoring ones

physical appearance” (Breines). Unfortunately, because many females have conformed to

society’s idea of beautiful they partake in these negative habits. We ought to consider the

environments in which we live, in which our children grow up and approach the possible reasons

behind sexual objectification. The government can’t do anything about objection therefore every

individual is responsible for themselves. To diminish the negative effects of female

objectification, we need to educate o. Such a conclusion can result in a better-quality generation…

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