Sexual Harassment Within The Workplace Essay

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Have you ever witnessed someone in a workplace setting being abused sexually due to their type of sex? The majority of people who work in offices and workplace settings have said that they have witnessed first-hand harassment of the female sex from the more dominated male sex (Johnson). Over the course of many generations, women have usually been seen as to stay in the home and only cook, clean, and take care of the kids. Usually, in these situations, the dominant male in the family is the bread winner and makes the money that the family needs to have to live off of to live a nice life. As more generations past, more and more woman are starting to leave the kitchen and finally get jobs in office buildings and workplace environments. With more woman entering the workplace, there was a high level of harassment that was directed toward a woman in many different forms from their male counterparts. These attacks were categorized as sexual harassment. This is harassment that is directly attacked toward a woman a majority of the time. Over these decades, a few number of women have persevered about being valued less and have actually reached executive and high up positions in a number of companies and even some Fortune 500 companies (Johnson). Sexual Harassment has been apparent in the typical workplace for hundreds of years. Woman have been treated less to their supposedly greater counterparts, men, and have lost many key roles due to this. There are plenty of policies…

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