Sexual Harassment Is Just A Person Being Touched By Essay

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We may think that sexual harassment is just a person being touched by someone else or forcing them to do something they don 't want to do. Not only that but sexual harassment is unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other physical or verbal in nature. Harassing not only involves physical contact it can also involve offensive statements or comments. It is seen to only happen to women but something people don’t realize is that it can also happen to men as well. Both genders are victims of sexual harassment but are too scared to speak out about it which can lead to horrific endings. It is important for people to know the dangers that sexual harassment can do to people and what it may cause them to feel no matter how they meant it. It can make someone feel vulnerable and disgusted with themselves in ways that people wouldn’t understand.

Section 1: Sexual Harassment in Both Genders
Sexual harassment can happen to both genders. Women are the ones who are victimized the most. In the article, "Stop Street Harassment" it says that "Sixty five percent of the women have been harassed out in the streets. Some have claimed that they have been sexually touched, have been followed, or have been forced to do things that were against their will. Not only that but have also verbally harassed. Women are being harassed not only out in the streets but also in their workplace. "Seventy nine percent of women said they have experienced sexually harassment in a workplace…

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