Sexual Harassment By Ellen Bravo And Linda Meric Essay

763 Words Nov 14th, 2016 4 Pages
If you’ve ever gotten the opportunity to gather up a group of women ranging from a variety of age groups and asked them to tell you about a time in their lives that they have been harassed while working, you’d be shocked by how long it would it take to go through all their stories. Sexual harassment in the United States has had a long history. Countless stories of women being given unwanted attention, being force into situations involving groping or getting raped for fear of losing some type of benefit or job security, as well as actions that have made working and feeling comfortable while at work difficult. The unfortunate side of sexual harassment while in the workplace is that no matter how many seminar’s employees complete, understanding what is considered sexual harassment is still a concept many lack to comprehend. In Ellen Bravo and Linda Meric’s essay “Sexual Harassment”, both women collaborate to express the explicit difference between a compliment and unsolicited attention in the eyes of a woman and how deteriorating these comments and actions can be. Most of these unnecessary comments are even noticed in the movie Silence of the Lamb where the main character works in a very male dominated field. For society to finally put an end to sexual harassment in the workplace, media needs to also depict how despicable and unacceptable sexual harassment really is. The definition of sexual harassment is a rather new term in the American vocabulary. Although the idea of…

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