Sexual Harassment Awareness : A Necessity For School Essay

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Sexual Harassment Awareness:
A Necessity for School Schools are required to cover many important topics to teenagers such as bullying and suicide, but one important topic that is grossly over-looked is sexual harassment. One of the most important issues that will affect teens in their life long after High School, and many don’t even have a clear understanding of what it is or even how frequently it happens. Many would argue that this isn’t a serious issue. That what people claim to be sexual harassment are actually just harmless jokes and teasing. Or that many women just over-react to harmless things for attention or because they don’t what to be hit on by the harasser. This is not true, many people don’t know the nature of sexual harassment and many times when someone has experienced this no one takes them seriously. Society just seems to over-look this issue, people can and are hurt by this act and it can affect anyone. If teens can be educated about this topic and know how to prevent it and stop it, then this issue could be taken seriously in the future. This is why schools need to start now by raising awareness about sexual harassment. Sexual harassment can happen anywhere, but it starts in the school building. When asked about this topic over 80 percent of students said they had experienced it firsthand (Hill and Kearl).With figures like this it’s clear to see more attention is needed in schools. Students who had been harassers did not think being harassed was a…

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