Sexual Harassment And Sexual Discrimination Essay

1449 Words Dec 4th, 2015 6 Pages
Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment is a large problem all over the world, and it can cause people to feel uncomfortable going to places such as work or even the hospital. Sexual harassment is generally described as unwanted sexual propositions, appealing for sexual favors, and other physical or verbal harassment of a sexual nature (Sexual Harassment). There are many problems that occur because of sexual harassment, and the people who are harassed usually do not admit because they do not want to get anyone in trouble or are ashamed. When the people who are getting harassed do not come forward to admit their harassment, it can cause the harasser to persist causing the victim to feel even more uncomfortable in the situation. Sexual harassment is mostly thought to only take place in a work environment, but it can happen in other places besides the workplace. Sexual harassment can lead to neurological problems, and can be a very traumatic experience for the people who get harassed. Sexual harassment is wrong and it is against the law, however it takes place every day. Sexual harassment is non consensual and should be reported immediately, but it still happens in the military, at schools, and even in hospitals; and the effects of it can be detrimental and could last a lifetime.
Sexual harassment could be viewed as consensual by some people. If someone enjoys the attention that they receive from being harassed, and he or she decides to not come forward about it, then it…

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