Essay Sexual Harassment And Sexual Assault

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Sexual harassment and sexual assault occur on campuses, however, these cases aren’t

getting enough of attention. It’s an event that has to be controlled and stopped. These events

aren’t little things that if we stop paying attention to them somehow they will disappear. Any

sexual violence event will have a long-term effect on the person. People may think sexual

harassment and sexual assault is the same thing, but they aren’t and knowing the difference is

important. Sexual harassment is any form of gender discrimination, unwanted sexual advances,

verbal or physical acts of sex, and requests for sexual favors. Sexual assault can be rape, forcible

oral or anal sex, unwanted contact that is abusive or inappropriate. These events can occur to

any person no matter their sexual identity or sexual orientation. However, it has been shown

that women are affected more likely than men. It has also been seen that the way institutions

have reacted to pass cases of sexual harassment and sexual assault leave an impression on how

future victims will react. If victims notice that their perpetrator is left without a punishment and

is still left to harm others, victims may choice to stay quiet.

Donald Black’s theory about stratification states that our sociological position shapes

how we understand crime and how the law responds. In a campus scenario we have a

stratification of power where the ones on the top have the most power and have a voice to make


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