Sexual Exploitation Of Human Beings Essay

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Sex Trafficking The sexual exploitation of human beings has been an around for longer than most people would believe. It has become a huge issue in society in recent years, but has been around for centuries. Unfortunately, people are not aware of how common it is for humans to be trafficked both globally and here in the U.S. According to the International Labor Organization, approximately 4.5 million humans worldwide were victims of this form of modern slavery (Polaris Project, n.d.). Although slavery has been abolished in most of the world, people are still being exploited for labor and sex. The Polaris Project Organization claims, “ In 2013, the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline, operated by Polaris, received reports of 3,609 sex trafficking cases inside the United States” (Polaris Project, n.d.). Statistics show that 98% of the victims of sex trafficking are women and girls (Belser, de Cock, & Mehran, 2005, pg. 6). Although this is an astonishing percentage, it is not out of the ordinary that women and girls are the majority of slaves in the sex trade. Unlike other crimes, human or sex trafficking is not in the media quite as often. This is most likely why people are not as conscious about how frequently it actually happens. Many victims are brought here from foreign countries, and promised a better life with a good job and various other opportunities that they otherwise would not be able to have in their home countries. Of course these…

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