Sexual Empowerment And Sexual Education Essay

1950 Words Dec 20th, 2016 8 Pages
Society expects sexual empowerment to be an individual responsibility; therefore, sexual education in schools does not aim to empower students about sexuality but rather to educate them on the basics and expect them to learn other information on their own. The way in which sexual empowerment is portrayed today makes it appear “as an individualistic notion of self-improvement and personal responsibility” (Grose, Grabe, & Kohfeldt, 2014), making it about the individual rather than an institutional problem. Comprehensive sexual education that empowers students should be implemented into every school in the nation because adolescents in the United States account for nearly half of the 18.9 million cases of sexually transmitted infections each year and the teen pregnancy rate in the U.S. is one of the highest for an industrialized nation (Grose et al., 2014). By empowering the adolescents to make healthy and safe decisions these outrageous rates could potentially decrease. How could comprehensive sexual education in the United States empower youths to make healthy and safe sexual decisions for themselves? By implementing comprehensive sex education into all public schools, youths will be more empowered to make healthy and safe sexual decisions by learning about and changing beliefs of traditional relationships, gaining knowledge of safe sex, and discovering more about sexuality. Grose et al. (2014) states that although sexual education programs are often offered in schools,…

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