Sexual Education Within The United States Essay

1558 Words Feb 4th, 2016 null Page
Within the United States of America there is a large controversial topic in debate that has been around for over one hundred years, sexual education in schools. There are two main sides within this debate where people are either for comprehensive sexual education or for abstinence only sexual education. Each type of curriculum has its own support for why it should be taught; one of these two methods has had terrible results to show for its teachings. Informing teenagers of sex can include abstinence while providing more comprehensive education. The sexual education in the United States should be based upon facts and statistics instead of a “just say no” curriculum.
Abstinence only education has developed as a public school mainstream curriculum even though it has a religious founding. Abstinence only curriculum centers around only having sex until after marriage and that abstinence is the only ethical policy or good choice to make without looking at facts or statistics. Doctor Sharon Lamb from the Department of Counseling and School Psychology University of Massachusetts Boston explains how there have been different trends for sexual education and their background, “By 1920, 40 percent of schools had some form of sex education at the time was constructed as driven by ethical concerns: Could the visibility of sex in the culture change societal expectations regarding modesty and morality? And could young girls, learning about and then fearing venereal diseases,…

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