Sexual Education Should Be Taught Essay

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In tenth grade, I had two days of sexual education in my health class. They consisted of our teacher telling us how if you had sex before you were married, you would contract an STD or get pregnant. He said this as an absolute; there was no chance that these things wouldn’t happen to you. He then showed us slides of what different sexually transmitted diseases looked like, and that was the extent of my public school sexual education. This is a huge problem because at some point everyone has to learn about “the birds and the bees.” There have been many debates about how or even if sexual education should be taught in public high schools, and if it should be taught, there is even more disagreement on at what age and in what manner it should be taught. Abstinence-only sex education, the kind of sexual education I received in my high school, which is also taught in many Southern United States high schools, should not be taught in schools. Although some people would disagree because comprehensive sexual education promotes sexual activity in teens, we need to teach the comprehensive style instead because teens need to be taught about contraception, abstinence-only sex education gives teens false information about sex, and teens need to know the dangers of STDs and pregnancy. The final reason we need to teach our students comprehensive sexual education is because they need to know how to prevent teen pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV/AIDs. In states such as…

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