Sexual Education Should Be Required For All Schools Essay examples

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Sexual education should be required in all schools due to their responsibility of educating the students enrolled. Comprehensive sexual education is information in regards to contraceptives, sexual transmitted diseases and infections, unwanted pregnancies, and the reproductive system. It is crucial in keeping students aware and warn them of the dangers of engaging in unprotected sexual relationships. Students need the knowledge of sexual education in order to be healthy individuals. The reproductive system, methods of contraceptives, knowledge of sexual transmitted infections, signs of an abusive relationship and the importance of consent are all important factors in the sexual education of students.
Majority of humans go through puberty and the reasoning behind it is their reproductive health, therefore it is only reasonable for them to be educated about it. To know what is happening to their bodies and the reasoning as to why this is, is where the sexual education comes in. Their reproductive health is for reproduction and a way to reproduce is by engaging in a sexual relationship. So, it is important for students to be educated about sex and its risks involved. If schools set up the foundation for talking about sexual education it will bring encouragement to open discussion and fewer people will be embarrassed about it. Sexual education should be an open subject and hinder no embarrassment it is only natural and healthy, by schools having this discussion it will open…

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