Essay on Sexual Education At The University Of Connecticut

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Although all incoming University of Connecticut students undergo sexual education, in the summer of 2010, a young woman was raped in her campus residence hall. She reported the rape to the university when the fall semester began, and by October, the university had expelled him and found him responsible (Kingkade). However, two weeks after his expulsion, he approached the young woman in a campus dining hall and informed her that his expulsion was over. The young woman made a complaint to the university, yet the university told her that due to differences in her schedule and his schedule, they did not believe a problem would occur (Kingkade). The young woman then took her complaint to the campus police; however, one of the officers told her that there was not enough evidence to pursue the case. The other officer told the young woman that "women need to stop spreading their legs like peanut butter or rape is going to keep on happening 'til the cows come home" (Kingkade). This type of comment places the blame of sexual assault on the victim, without holding the perpetrator at all responsible for his or her actions. Not every student responds well to a lecture hall class that briefly discusses sex, consent, and contraceptives in college. With a crime as horrific as sexual assault so prevalent on college campuses, these universities should be taking the next step toward ending sexual assault.
Researchers Foubert, Godin, and Tatum published their findings in 2010 about the…

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