Sexual Education And Public Schools Essay

772 Words Dec 4th, 2015 4 Pages
Is it considered to be appropriate to teach sexual education in public schools districts? Let’s start off with the definition of sexual education. According to the definition, sexual education is the process of gathering information or forming attitudes and beliefs about sex, relationships and intimacy. With that information being sex, would you really want your child to be learning about these types of things to make them smarter, and make safer decisions, in the coming future? Today, most teenagers are engaging in sexual acts without the knowledge of the possibilities or consequences of engaging in sexual activity with another. About 90% of these teenagers have become teenage parents. Wouldn’t you rather have your child become a smarter and informed teenager, than them get hit with a surprise? Before they do something that can potentially dramatically change their life for good. Personally, sexual education in schools should be a required class to take for students. The reasoning behind this is there is a rapidly increasing rate of teenagers with STD’s, and teenagers receiving STD’s, simply because they were uneducated from their parents or even the school. Some people also say that abstinence is important, in certain circumstances yes, but parents should be aware that these things are happening in the world around them and can affect their child. Parents should get involved with educating their children, or teens, instead of waiting till it is too late. With the amounts…

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