Sexual Education And Abstinence Only Education Essay

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Across the United States, the majority of adolescent children receive some form of sex education before graduating high school. Sexual education units of classes are taught in two ways; comprehensively and abstinence-only. Comprehensive sexual education covers abstinence as an option, but teaches a generally wider array of sexual health options, like contraceptives and ways to avoid sexually transmitted infections. Abstinence-only education, however, teaches students that engaging in sexual activity prior to marriage is morally wrong, and these students are generally not informed of contraceptive options. Abstinence-only education is frequently backed by religious groups and taught in states where religion is dominant within school systems. These practices enforce the religious myth of “sexual purity” and the notion that any sexual thoughts or actions leading to arousal are immoral and unhealthy. Abstinence-only education in the United States is not only ineffective and unproductive, but is generally “medically and scientifically inaccurate” and according to the Rights Approach, is thus a failure to our nation’s youth since it limits them from attaining the full truth about sexual education (Lin, 60). The power that Rightist groups have over sex education and the discourse about sex in our nation is also fundamentally unethical, dated, and disproportionately oppressive to the sexualities of young women. Abstinence education programs were introduced under President Ronald…

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