Essay on Sexual Education : A Part Of Public School Education

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Sexual Education has been encouraged to be a part of public school education since the late 1800’s. It is a program that is supposed to help young adolescents understand their body, promote abstinence, types of contraception, the risks of engaging in sexual activities, and how to prevent diseases or pregnancy. However, many parents fight this program because of their beliefs that teens should stay abstinent till marriage, and learning about sex will increase their urge to have sex. Depending on what the state requires to be taught and what a school district wants, a student will either receive one of the two styles of sexual education. The two styles are comprehensive and abstinence only. While they both stress the importance of abstinences, many parents prefer their child receive the abstinence only education because they think abstinence is the best choice when it comes to teens and sex, and that they don’t need to know anything else about sex. Abstinence is important for every teen to learn about, but what they learn along with abstinences can affect a teenager’s sexual activity, their knowledge on safe sex, their likelihood to get pregnant, and other complications that come with having sex. Schools have been encouraged to teach students about sexual education since 1892. Sexual education has always had the support of many people across the nation, and also a few people against it. Most people believe that sex education was a great idea to help teenagers understand…

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