Sexual Double Standards: The Characteristics Of Men And Women

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This research looks at the work of jennifer L. Howell and multiple others. This research draws upon different academic journals and printed work. Most research done on this topic of a sexual double standards almost firmly states that men are able to be more sexual promiscuis than woman are allowed to be. Within the following research you will see findings of the previous statement and evidence that supports the case of women not being as free as men are sextualy When it comes to double standards, the sexual traits of men and women have to be the biggest divide. We live in an era where there are no real rules. There are little boys who do ballet and little girls who play football. There are people with rainbow hair and eccentric senses of style, needless to say we live in an era where it’s totally ok to be whatever you want to be. We can love whomever we want to love we even have no gender called being “fluid”. So in an age where all this is accepted and …show more content…
According to (EBSCO 2016) when studied statistically women were more often slut shamed without actually participating in the activity. “Furthermore, qualitative data indicated that female ‘‘sluts’’ were believed to be labeled as such for lower levels of sexual behavior (e.g., sexy clothing or dancing), than was the case for male ‘‘sluts’’ (e.g., sex with multiple partners). Our data indicate that individual beliefs are changing more quickly than social perceptions.(EBSCO 2016)” When it comes to a women even wearing a certain piece of clothing such as a crop top it’s shameful and “sluty”. Most school dress codes state that girls can’t wear anything that shows their shoulders but the boys are allowed into class in a muscle tank. Leggings for women in most schools aren’t allowed, but under armour compression shirts are allowed for men. When both articles of clothing are meant to be athletic

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