Sexual Conformity Within High School Essay

1070 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 5 Pages
As a group, we decided to tackle the topic of sexual conformity in teenagers in high-school. The main objective of our poster is to appeal to as large an audience as possible but at the same time promote the idea of making your own decisions. The poster has a big font and contrasting colors (black, white, and red) in order to grab the attention of the audience immediately. Additionally, the use of the cartoon images of a banana and a doughnut is to add some humor to the campaign since we are addressing high school students and we want the poster to be approachable. As seen in section two of this paper, there are a number of campaigns related to sexual behavior. The main difference between the ones already published and ours is that the scope of our campaign is much broader than any other. In order to appeal to a broad audience we couldn’t only address the issue of safe sex, abstinence, or any other related topic. Therefore, we decided to address the issue of conformity in order for any high-school student reading it to be able to relate their own thoughts and concerns related to sexual behavior to it.
A second difference is the fact that our campaign uses humor, in contrast to the rest of the campaigns which are mostly serious, and some even use fear as a strategy. It has been shown that fear-arousing advertisements, if used incorrectly and not accompanied by solutions to the issue, are not effective, as indicated in a study conducted by Lewis, Watson and Tay (2007). In…

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