Sexual Behaviors And Sexual Behavior Essay

799 Words Dec 18th, 2016 4 Pages
I recently read an article that stated “oral sex use to be illegal in many states” and “Homosexuality, for instance, was listed in the DSM as a mental disorder until as recently as 1973” (Dickson, 2016). I guess you could say that performing oral sex or being attracted to the same sex would be considered atypical sexual behavior for some people. Also, I can understand why corophilia and urophilia are considered an atypical sexual behavior for some people. However, these sexual behaviors may make some people feel uncomfortable, but these people who enjoy these type of sex acts feel perfectly fine…who are we to judge? It’s only atypical because we as a society have forced one another to believe that this isn’t the typical “norm” for sexual behavior; most would prefer boring “vanilla sex” (does not involve elements such as kink or fetish activities…regular missionary sex). Through growth and maturity maybe one can understand and maybe appreciates these atypical sexual behaviors (excluding the ones that involve children, animals, and unwanted sex acts). I for one enjoy oral sex and being tied up and choked. I personally would not enjoy corophilia or urophilia, but some people do. Furthermore, I feel like the world is becoming used to women being more open and free about their sexual behavior, which is good. According to a study by Moyer 2014, “between 30% and 60% of women had sexual fantasies of being dominated, being spanked or whipped, being tied up, and being forced to have…

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