Sexual Assault Of College : A Survey From The Association Of American Universities

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Sexual Assault in College
A survey from the Association of American Universities of 150,000 students found that more than one in four women experience sexual assault during their four years in college. Over the four year college period, 27.2% of female students are victims of unwanted sexual contact that ranges from touching to rape (6). Sexual assault is far too common and it is an epidemic that faces many students in college. Many students suffer from the consequences of sexual assault, which is a result of many social and cultural deficiencies, but it can be fixed through an educational approach. The problem of sexual assault can be fixed through the education of the students and a positive and helpful school environment.

Sexual assault is a problem that affects many students in colleges and has many negative effects. Sexual assault is defined as “any unwanted contact” ("Focus on preventing”) performed on “an unwilling victim, without consent” ("Rape"). This means anything from touching to completed rape. Without consent means that “vigorous efforts were made to avoid sexual contact” ("Rape"). Physical symptoms of sexual assault can tamper with the victim’s quality of life. It can be pelvic pain, migraines, and even disability that can prevent a victim from working. There are over 32,000 pregnancies a year that are a result of completed rape, but problems with pregnancy can also be a result of sexual assault. In addition to these effects, women who experience this…

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